Europe, Middle East & Africa

EMEA Connections

We operate geographically through regional teams that believe in collaboration, knowledge and information sharing.

Europe, Middle East & Africa is the largest of our regions in terms of coverage and the most diverse, with emerging markets such as Russia, Eastern Europe and the Gulf States sitting alongside mature Western European economies.

We have carefully selected a group of member firms each committed to delivering the highest quality client service and sharing the same values. The result - you feel at home in every corner of the region when our member firms help you.

Comprehensive Coverage

The network is present in almost every location in Europe and an increasing number of locations in Africa and the Middle East. With a combined work force of around 11,000 professionals, clients have access to professional advice wherever their international ambitions take them, even in the less obvious places!

Like-minded Firms

The Baker Tilly International network is built on strong core values; each of the network's member firms is committed to delivering on these. The result - a worldwide network of cohesive and like-minded firms.

Consistent Client Service

All Baker Tilly International member firms, whether operating in developed or emerging markets, are committed to delivering high quality services that meet, as a minimum, the prevalent international quality standard. As a result, clients experience a consistent high level of quality across the region.


Baker Tilly International member firms are, without exception, ambitious firms with a clear strategic vision, a commitment to quality, a desire to grow and an international perspective.

Built around strong independent firms, Baker Tilly International offers the personal characteristics of entrepreneurial local firms able to navigate the unique dynamics of their local marketplace, combined with the expertise, strength and resources of a truly global network.

The partners of our member firms are entrepreneurs themselves and understand the needs of entrepreneurial clients. The result is a pragmatic and result-oriented approach highly valued by clients, whether they are large, established corporates with subsidiaries in many locations, or smaller companies raking their first steps into a new territory.


Regional Contacts

Bruno Piazza
Regional chair

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Murray Watt
Regional manager

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