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Tax Benefits and Incentives

We are pleased to publish our 2017 Global Research and Development Incentives Publication, which allows readers to efficiently analyse, at a high level, the tax benefits available in more than 50 key countries worldwide - key when embarking on a project to locate qualifying research and development activities.  

Tanja De Decker, Baker Tilly International’s regional leader for EMEA Tax, stated: “This publication allows our clients to efficiently understand the key tax incentives currently available across the globe. It is the first step in the process that sees us support management decisions in relation to structuring research and development activities around the globe”.

Chris Danes, tax director at Baker Tilly International, added: “The insights provided by this document demonstrate the strength and agility of the Baker Tilly International network as a high-profile service provider in this arena. We work efficiently and effectively cross-border to deliver solutions to clients in relation to complex needs”.

Yoyo Hung, assistant tax manager at Baker Tilly International, added: “Working on this project with over 50 countries allowed our teams to come together and support our creative clients. This project demonstrates the strength of capabilities and collaboration within Baker Tilly International, with the output being a user friendly global publication”.

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