ESMA Launches Q&A Tool

March 2017

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has developed a tool for use by stakeholders to access the Questions and Answers (Q&As) developed by ESMA.

In addition to permitting stakeholders to consult the existing Q&As, the tool allows stakeholders to submit new Q&As to ESMA. The tool provides information on:

  • The stakeholders who may submit questions to ESMA, including members of the public, consumer associations, financial market participants, and legal persons and other bodies
  • The questions stakeholders may ask, including any questions related to the application of a legislative act within the ESMA remit or on any of ESMA’s existing guidelines or opinions
  • The process stakeholders should follow in submitting questions
  • The ESMA process in responding to questions 
  • The location of answered questions on the ESMA website
  • The list of existing ESMA Q&As.

The Q&A tool is available on this link.

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