Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon and HR Specialists Merge

11 Apr 2011

Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon (Ireland) and Polaris HR have joined forces, effective today, to form one HR consulting team under Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon.

The combined team brings a wealth of experience in HR consulting to organisations that need guidance and insight into people performance management, dispute resolution and structuring organisations for long-term strategic success.

"Over the past number of years, we have greatly expanded our services - beyond accountancy and beyond numbers, by becoming business partners for our clients. We can now help companies to deliver their strategic objectives through their people. We have a unique insight into the total business - finance, marketing, HR and operations - which makes this approach work. Our aim is to help organisations to deliver measurable outcomes. Our newly expanded HR consulting team can help achieve these goals.

This newly expanded team has considerable experience in alternate dispute resolution (ADR) which allows businesses to address employee complaints while they can still be resolved and before they enter the red zone, becoming formal, costly and damaging to the business. Our expanded service includes people performance management training, organisational dynamics and a virtual HR division to enable organisations outsource their HR functions cost effectively. Whether we are dealing with the public or the private sector, we have the HR consulting capability to make business plans happen", says John Glennon, managing partner of Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon. 

The former directors of Polaris, Gerry Rooney and Ray Flaherty, see this expansionary move as positive and complementary to their business model. Polaris HR was founded in 2000. Gerry Rooney and Ray Flaherty earned a significant reputation in HR consulting and they are acknowledged experts in mediation and ADR as well as for performance management and leadership training programmes. 

"We're delighted that the Polaris HR team is prepared to join forces, to pool their expertise with ours", says John Glennon. "They bring considerable experience in working with both the public and private sector and as part of the Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon team, will continue to serve their clients from both Dublin and Galway."

Merging with Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon provides the Polaris team with critical mass - the systems, the resources and the people - to deliver their services to companies that need them. Importantly, they can continue to service their existing clients, only better, with a broader and more complete suite of HR services.

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