Mountjoy Chilton Medley Introduces New Line of IT Consulting and Strategy Services

16 Dec 2013

Anticipating the unique technological challenges and demands of today’s businesses and organisations, Baker Tilly International member firm Mountjoy Chilton Medley LLP (MCM) (Louisville, Kentucky, USA) has introduced a new offering to its growing line-up of consulting services - IT consulting and strategy services. The operation will be led by MCM’s newest principal, Jeff Stringer, former director of infrastructure and operations, information services at Papa John’s International.

The new IT consulting and strategy services are expected to provide for an even stronger partnership with MCM clients, offering them additional resources to support their changing technological needs. The new line of advisory services will include:

  • IT security and business risk analysis
  • IT systems review, assessment and selection
  • Vendor review, assessment and selection
  • Strategic project planning for IT initiatives
  • Disaster recovery planning and advisement
  • Evaluation and coordination of IT service providers
  • IT staffing assessment and advisory services

"Today's IT landscape is constantly evolving; new challenges and opportunities present themselves daily," says Jeff Stringer. "With this new line of IT consulting services, we're hoping to build a unique path for each of our clients - one that will allow them to operate efficiently, strategically, and successfully."

Jeff Stringer is an IT leader with more than 25 years of experience in planning, organising, communicating and executing strategic technology initiatives. Prior to joining MCM, Jeff was manager of technical consulting services with Micro Computer Solutions, a large technology company that provided training, software development, computer networking and systems maintenance services. Jeff was also the senior director of infrastructure and operations, information services, at Papa John’s International, where he spent 17 years. Jeff oversaw and managed a wide-range of computer infrastructure and operations initiatives and multi-million dollar projects, including server and network engineering, point of sale technical integration, systems security and data centre operations. He also managed the team that executed all technology procurements for the corporation.

"We're thrilled to welcome Jeff and his years of IT expertise to the MCM team," says Steve Kerrick, partner at MCM. "For a lot of people, making major IT decisions is similar to taking your car to the mechanic. If you don't speak the language, it's hard to make informed decisions. We want to serve as the translator - Jeff can speak to our clients and business owners as well as IT professionals and service providers."

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