Baker Tilly International Launches Global Family Succession Planning Research

15 Jan 2013

A global research project on succession planning is being launched today by Baker Tilly International. Member firms are inviting owners of privately-held and family businesses to participate via an online survey.

"It is our opinion that family businesses valuing trillions of dollars will change hands over the next decade as the baby boomer generation pass their businesses on. Many of those retiring currently have no exit strategy. To achieve the best possible outcome, owners need to understand the many complex family, individual and business issues that must be addressed in the succession process," said Geoff Barnes, CEO and President of Baker Tilly International. 

Baker Tilly International is committed to finding answers that will support family businesses. The survey will examine the dynamics, barriers and success strategies for succession. 

The report will build on existing research which has been undertaken over the last 2.5 years by Baker Tilly Pitcher Partners and Swinburne University of Technology. Supported by regional and global comparisons and analysis, the findings will include high-level commentary and insights from around the globe. It is expected to be available in mid-2013.

For more information on succession planning, click here.  

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