Baker Tilly International Reports Revenue Growth of 3%

30 Jan 2014

Published today by International Accounting Bulletin (IAB), Baker Tilly International has reported annual revenues of US$3.4bn for the financial year ending 30 June 2013, a year-on-year increase of 3%*. Also published within the report, the network has maintained its position as the world’s 8th largest accounting and business advisory network.

“Whilst the economic recovery remains unpredictable, our members have responded to the changing needs of our clients.” said Geoff Barnes, CEO and president of Baker Tilly International. “Across all regions we have seen growth of 26% on consultancy services provided by member firms. This increase is reflected in our clients seeking a more holistic approach to the services we provide them.”

Baker Tilly International is currently represented by 161 independent member firms in 137 countries and brings together 27,000 people in 738 offices worldwide.

* All revenue is reported in US$. In local currency terms growth in 2013 was higher; overall US$ growth has been affected by exchange rates. According to the IAB, average overall growth of all 50 networks and associations surveyed was 3%.

Background to the financial information

  • Each Baker Tilly International member firm is an independent entity.
  • Members do not report revenues on a combined basis.
  • Statistics presented represent the combined figures of the independent member firms. Each member firm reports its figures for its accounting year ending in the 12 months to 30 June.

Regional breakdown

  • Asia Pacific US$0.65bn (+2%)
  • Latin America US$0.07bn (+7%)
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa US$1.21bn (-)
  • North America US$1.45bn (+4%)

Service line breakdown

  • Audit US$1.23bn (-)
  • Accountancy US$0.46bn (-13%)
  • Taxation US$0.84bn (-3%)
  • Consultancy US$0.85bn (+26%)



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