Corporate Governance and Risk Management

In the world's current unprecedented economic state, organisations face increased challenges to manage risks and comply with laws, regulations and internal policies, and to do so cost effectively.  Regulations are increasingly complex; organisations' structures are more convoluted and blurred. An appropriate approach to governance is needed to maximise performance excellence and utilise resources to mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities.

At Baker Tilly International we forge deep partnerships with executive management, audit committees and board members to help organisations improve their governance processes, comply with regulations, embed risk management programmes and strengthen information technology support for organisational governance. This allows the executive team to focus on expanding shareholder value and seizing opportunities with a data driven, risk-based approach.

Our members' services include:

  • Corporate governance advisory services - providing consultancy to boards, audit committees and management to strengthen organisations' corporate governance frameworks
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance consulting - executing innovative and cost effective approaches to assist management with the assessment of internal controls over financial reporting
  • Enterprise risk management services - providing guidance to management on the execution of a cross functional, data-driven approach to risk management and providing audit services to evaluate existing enterprise risk management programmes against global best practices
  • Internal audit services - outsourcing and co-sourcing to develop and execute risk based audit plans that focus on the greatest issues organisations face in the achievement of their strategic objectives.
  • Information technology audit services - assisting organisations in improving their information technology infrastructure and implementing and assessing information technology controls using proven tools, and analysis with professionals that understand the business implications of information technology.

Our greatest asset is our diverse group of innovative professionals, who work with organisations around the world to identify, assess and manage compliance, financial and operational risks.

We have consulted with boards, audit committees, CEOs, CFOs and compliance and risk functions for a variety of companies, ranging from Fortune 500 firms to private, middle-market companies. You will work with professionals with international, regional and local public accounting backgrounds, as well as experience in information technology management, operations management and risk management. Our professionals help clients align risk management with their corporate strategies to increase shareholder value. We understand the interdependencies of risk, compliance and performance excellence and partner with you to drive the benefits out of an appropriate balance.


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