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Businesses trading internationally must have top quality tax advice if they are to prosper in today's competitive global markets.

Baker Tilly International offers specialists in all of the spheres of tax which an international trading group is likely to encounter in its quest for commercial success. Click on the links below to find out how Baker Tilly International can guide you through the minefield of international taxes.

Setting up trading operations in another location, either through a branch or a subsidiary company, instantly triggers the need for first class corporate tax advice and compliance services in the location concerned.

Having trading operations in several countries brings in additional dimensions of international tax and the need for highly specialist advice on tax-efficient structuring and financing.

The hottest topic currently in international tax is transfer pricing, with the risk that national tax authorities will impute additional taxable profits to local subsidiaries in international groups on the grounds that intra-group pricing is not at arms' length. Protecting a group's interests calls for co-operation between advisers in different countries, something which only a major accounting network can deliver.

The pitfalls of international tax are not confined to taxes which group companies pay themselves, but extend to indirect taxes, where the burden for the group is largely one of administration and accountability, and where heavy penalties can lie in wait for those who do not seek local guidance.

Many groups trading internationally will have staff working on assignment away from their home location, raising issues of expatriate tax, with both employer and employee in need of advice, and the need for assistance with compliance obligations.

Finally, Baker Tilly International member firms have specialists who work together in the provision of tax services for private clients where the individual's need is for help in coping with the tax laws of more than one location and for advice on protecting internationally located assets and on enhancing their value.

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Tax Mapp

Tax Mapp

Baker Tilly International has launched Tax Mapp, its first mobile app for both Android and IOS. The Tax Mapp gives users access to the latest global tax news and content at the touch of a button.

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