International Tax

Today's global businesses demand a global approach to managing their worldwide tax position which extends beyond the tax laws of a single location.

From establishing the right structure of subsidiary companies and branches and formulating global funding arrangements, to planning for the repatriation of profits and evaluating the impact of double tax treaties in relation to withholding taxes on cross border currency flows, the financial benefits from getting the approach right can be tremendous. The penalty for getting it wrong is an unwanted increase in a group's global tax charge.

Our worldwide tax experts understand how domestic and overseas tax systems interact and take a co-ordinating role in managing clients' worldwide tax affairs. Some of the areas in which our member firms can help you add value to your business include advising on:

  • Setting up global and regional holding companies
  • Putting in place tax efficient international structures to manage withholding taxes on intra-group dividends and interest payments
  • Structuring loan finance and associated interest costs
  • Packaging intellectual property rights into a dedicated vehicle in an appropriate location and setting up intra-group licensing arrangements
  • Setting robust group pricing policies to minimise the risk of expensive transfer pricing challenges by national tax authorities
  • Cross border mergers and acquisitions. 

MHA MacIntyre Hudson (UK) and Baker Tilly International discuss tax issues around Brexit and from an EU perspective, click here to watch the Business Brexit Forum. 

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Tax Mapp

Tax Mapp

Baker Tilly International has launched Tax Mapp, its first mobile app for both Android and IOS. The Tax Mapp gives users access to the latest global tax news and content at the touch of a button.

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Corporate and International Tax

Corporate and International Tax Brochure

Businesses trading internationally will often have an exposure to corporate tax liabilities in several different jurisdictions and an essential requirement for managing the group’s global effective tax rate and cost efficiently is to outsource this work to a skilled and experienced corporate tax team in each location.

Download our brochure to find out the ways in which our specialists can help your business.

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