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Personal tax law can be complex even within the context of a single country. For those individuals who are subject to the tax laws of more than one country, for example because they have dual residence or they own assets in different jurisdictions, the difficulties can become overwhelming.

Managing effectively the tax affairs of a person who has tax filing obligations in two or more countries calls not only for a detailed knowledge of the tax regulations in each of the countries but also an understanding of how each country's tax laws interrelate with each other. The constant danger is one of double taxation - paying tax twice on the same item.

Baker Tilly International tax specialists can help you to protect your wealth, plan for your future and resolve the complexities raised by taxes in different countries. Providing solutions tailored to your particular situation, here are some of the areas in which we can help:

  • Preparing tax returns
  • Managing international taxes
  • Wealth preservation, including where appropriate the formation of trusts or private foundations
  • Retirement and business succession planning
  • Cross border estate planning
  • Tax-efficient philanthropy and charitable giving.



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